Friday, 11 December 2015


For most brides to be, having a gorgeous looking hairdo is something  they take very seriously.Each one of us must have known or heard about that one  bride who ended up with an awful hairstyle due to one reason
or another. Personally, i believe the keys to a stylish and beautiful bridal hair is dependent on
  • your hairstylist : ladies please make sure your hairstylist is a trusted one! as much as we all have friends who claim to be "professionals at styling hair" Do not allow your wedding hair be someone's first hair styling job that kind of scenario never ends well.  Secondly, make appointments/bookings early enough in fact, once your  wedding date is confirmed book your desired hairstylist, makeup artist  and other wedding professionals because nowadays these individuals get fully booked easily. Thirdly, ask for the stylist's portfolio see the kind of jobs he/ she has done in the past and decide if you are comfortable with  his/her kind of work. you can also show him/her the style you want and if  the stylist says yes i can do this perfectly. you  then reach some sort of agreement(written is always the best) concerning payment and what not.
  •  Type of hair : dear brides to be, please endeavor to buy good quality human hair that is, if you are going for a weave style.You cannot see a hairstyle achieved with human hair and hope to God your darling Yaki weavon meets up haba! its not just possible. look for TESTED and TRUSTED  human hair vendors and if  you still don't know ask your stylist they almost always know the good ones.You are entitled to splurge if you have it after all its your wedding day(hopefully your first and last) .PS: not everyone has to fix a weave there are beautiful natural hair and braid styles for a stunning bridal look.
  • Type of style: the fact that a hairstyle looked good on another bride does not necessarily mean it would look good on you. We  all have different facial structures so it would be nice to confirm from a good hairstylist if your desired hairdo would be appealing with your facial structure. 
       So on that note here are a few bridal hair styles to inspire!!!!! (post on natural hair brides coming  soon)

Source :brides magazine & bellethemagazine.

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